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Business Accounting in Arizona

Being an entrepreneur means that above all else, time is your most valuable asset. Money can be made back but time lost is gone forever. Just as in life, businesses also need to prioritize their time around the most important tasks. With that said, not everyone can do everything. To make sure your enterprise works like a well-oiled machine in every department you might have to double down on your strengths and let experts take care of other aspects. When you are a business, this is where we come in. Engaging a business accounting services vendor will save you more than six hours per week according to Ignite Spot, and that is only the beginning of the benefits. The Duran Business Group will save you time on invoicing, collection calls, data augmentation, bank reconciliation, yearly reports, balance sheets, and much more. Get your book done by experts with a surplus of 15 years in finance and enjoy the expertise provided by IRS registered agents. We not only do your numbers, but we also have in-house analytics methods that diagnose where time and money could be of better utility to the company.

Business Accounting

Among the benefits you will experience working with us includes:

  • Expert Tax Advice. We are tax experts with more than a decade of experience under our belt and have IRS-enrolled agents making us a valuable partner to have when it comes to finances. We have a variety of ways past bookkeeping that can lower your tax burden as well as streamline your tax returns as a business owner. On your own, it is not possible to harness both the expertise and connections of an established brand.

Taxes, returns, and exemptions are often overwhelming for new business owners. Even for professionals, learning the intricacies takes a lot of time let alone for busy business owners.

  • We keep your costs down. With the wide array of business accounting services, we offer and the experience we have, monetary savings are just a by-product of having us do your books. Similar to saving you money on taxes, Duran Business Group helps you save money by cutting company costs efficiently.

Having handled numerous types of clients for more than 15 years, we know where the common pitfalls and opportunities to make savings are. A company will benefit vastly especially if they engage us during their formative stages, this way we can get them started off on the right foot and they will not have to do damage control in the future. Our accounting practices will keep your costs down while making sure the ledgers have accurate records to provide data on how to save you money even further.

  • We save you a lot of time. As an entrepreneur or CEO, your days can be filled with meetings and other important tasks. This does not mean that business accounting is not important, but you have neither the time nor the expertise to do it nor do it effectively. Duran Business Group not only works to do your books but to apply all the best practices to save you both time and money. Hiring Duran can offset most of the operational strain caused by in-house financial bookkeeping. This frees up more of both you and your employees' time to focus on growing instead of just keeping up with operations.
  • We streamline your growth. Our ultimate goal is not only to save you money & time and to keep you tax compliant but also to help you grow your business. You can leverage our mastery of proven strategies and procedures to propel your growth even further. Depending on your business and prevailing circumstances, we can recommend expansion methods such as franchising or the acquisition of smaller entities to increase your footprint.

We also facilitate top-notch bookkeeping and accounting standards to put you in a leveraged position should you ever need to take out an expansion loan. Already knowing what lending institutions look for, we can coach you and keep your paperwork and electronic records ready even before the need ever arises. Business owners in Arizona have enjoyed an all-under-one-roof financial services provider for more than a decade. Among the backbone financial deliverables our clients enjoy are:

Financial Reporting

Our overqualified staff will supply you with periodical fiscal updates and reports to make sure that you have situational awareness about your financial health. Some of them include:

  • Income statements
  • Modified financial reporting
  • Reconciled trial balances
  • Balance sheets

Tax Assistance

Our in-house IRS-enrolled agents provide advice on all matters tax-related. We design tax strategies that give you leeway to feed your enterprise the operational capital that it needs without going bankrupt. Our tax services include but are not limited to:

  • Audit support. This will provide your firm with consulting support during the process of an audit to reduce disruptions as much as possible.
  • IRS representation. Allowing our agents or tax attorneys to take your place in any IRS proceedings where applicable gives you the confidence that your representation is in the hands of experts. We can provide information, and explanations, and even enter into agreements with the IRS on your behalf.
  • Tax planning. Through analysis of your monetary situation, we can analyze the data and work cohesively to get you to pay the lowest taxes legally possible.
  • Entity registration and orchestration. An entity is an organization generated by one or more people to take care of the proceedings of a business. This entity has a different legal existence for tax applications.
  • Income tax preparation. We help with preparation, filing, and assistance in general forms. Beyond that, we can also represent you with the IRS for audits and court proceedings.

According to Balancing Everything, Sage accountants report that businesses are expecting more from them, meaning the pressure is mounting on business owners from either legislation or general operational coercions. It has never been more important to have a business accounting partner to help keep both your accounting and tax books clean.

Get a Business Accounting Partner

Not only does having a business accounting services help you save money and time, but they also open vistas of expansion opportunities. We also help you fortify yourself against any unexpected hard times by taking financial responsibility in the present. Tax compliance, crisp bookkeeping, and financial solidity are benefits that are baked into our package resulting from many years of exposure. Let the Duran Business Group handle your accounting while you expand your brand. To receive more information on how you can benefit from our Business Accounting Services, contact us today at (480) 674-5757.